Animal Care Giver

This work is the reason we are in business. The care of our guests is an active job that will engage you both physically and mentally. We are happy to train any willing and able person who may wish to apply.


You'll need to be available 7days/wk including holidays usually between 7:00 am - 6:30 pm. You will be scheduled during these hours up to 5 days out the week.


Training wage is $9.50/hour. Training usually takes one month. After training the wage will be $10.00 - $10.50/hour. Holiday and overtime (over 40 hrs/wk) pay is at time and a half.


  • Work most weekends and holidays.
  • Do all items on the checklist without assistance.
  • Remain enthusiastic and focused.
  • Lift and control 50#.
  • Show ability to safely handle any dog or cat deemed boardable by management.
  • Perform consistently at Idlewire standards.
  • Work in an emergency - even if not scheduled.
  • Be uninfluenced by kennel environment (smell, heat, cold, noise, etc.).
  • Exercise proper judgement (how and when to react).
  • Assist in building maintenance.
  • Assist checking boarders in and out.
  • Operate computer.
  • Physically and mentally be able to do the job.
  • Performance should not be affected by personal life.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Know and use kennel codes and procedures.
  • Accurately determine health of boarders.
  • Read, write, & communicate effectivley.
  • Answer phones.
  • Do Idlewire's equivalency of a kennel bath.
  • Undergo any training deemed necessary by management.
  • Arrive to work on time and ready.
  • Maintain appearance and dress according to policy.