Pet Grooming

Safe, Gentle, Conscientious

Groomers stay with us. Idlewire groomers work for us for years. The industry average is only 6 months (according to the AGSA).

We believe groomers should groom. We have a customer relations assistant during all business hours to answer calls, make appointments, ring up charges, and cover the clerical aspects of the groomery so your pet stylist can focus on what's most important, your pet!

We know the art. How many grooming operations exist in the world that have been in business for over 50 years!? By innovating and moving forward, we're not only enthused about our trade - we set the standard.

We are state of the art. We keep the best equipment and tools to safely, comfortable and efficiently groom your pet.

We are small. You are connected with the owner. Big box grooming businesses are ran by CEO's and boards of directors too far removed to communicate with.

Note: We require all dogs to be fully vaccinated (Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP) for the safety of all or our guests.

Call 801-479-3000 for an appointment.